展立具備優秀熱誠的員工,技術先進的工程隊伍,務求提供優良的服務質素。感謝各界客戶一直的支持及指導,我們會堅守 優質產品,優質服務


STAND RISE TECHNOLOGY LIMITED was founded by Mr. C.L. Kan in 2004.  Mr. Kan is working over 20 years in the manufacturing equipment for PCB, semi-conductor & metal plating.  To meet the market demand, it is improving and developing a new technologies, increases the quality of services.


THANKS for the all valuable customers continuously supporting, advising, and cooperating.  We shall certainly provide "THE QUALITY PRODUCT, THE QUALITY SERVICE".

專業印刷線路板設備生產商   Professional PCB Equipment Supplier   專業印刷線路板設備生產商   Professional PCB Equipment Supplier